We started this podcast because we like to rat hole. We do it all the time, so we figured some of you might get a kick out of it. But what is a rat hole? Well, you can listen to Episode 1, or just read this:

rat hole /ˈratˌhōl/
When people start talking about a topic, and veer off track rather quickly and bounce around many topics. This is often done purposefully to annoy another participant in the conversation.


I call Seattle home now, but used to hang my hat in Texas. Yup, one of those. And yes, everything is bigger there. My guilty pleasure? I've owned every iPhone the week of release since the original. You're an Android fan? I don't really care. I round out my nerdiness with home automation (<3 you, Alexa!), photography (drone and stills), networking, enterprise automation software, and by dabbling in programming. When not geeking out, I'm usually either with friends, cooking, buried in a book, or traveling, exploring, and photographing the world. Oh, and I'm quite the punisseur - just search #punoftheday on Twitter. 

Still want to know more? Go ahead. Creep on me.



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I'm Dave. I'm originally from Dirty Jersey, but I call Seattle my home...for now. I'm a huge science fiction, fantasy nerd and love talking all about books, movies, TV and honestly, I already told you I'm from New Jersey, so I just love talking in general. I'm game to geek out on just about anything and when I'm not doing that, I'm usually under a tattoo gun getting more ink. I co-host a weekly Science Fiction podcast called WarpDrives  And I'm awesome. Now go listen to WarpDrives!

Leave us a voicemail or send us a text at +1 (413) RAT-HOLE.